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Our Services

M. S. Hall & Associates is a healthcare financial and data consulting firm having a history of success for our clients by providing facility-specific personal service based on the goals and needs of our clients. This experience has trained us to identify significant financial & reimbursement issues, often resulting in significant cash flow increases. Hear From Our Clients

Our primary areas of service include, but are not limited to, the following:


Hospital EHR Systems 

We are experienced in:

  • CPSI
  • HMS
  • AHT
  • Athena Health
  • Eclipsys
  • Epic
  • Reliable
  • GE IDX
  • GE Centcity
  • Mediseries
  • HealthcareQuery
  • Center Homeworks
  • Cerner
  • Invisions
  • Sorian
  • IDEA
  • Fox Pro


    • Data Aggregation & Synthesis for:
      • NYS HCRA Audits
      • NYS HCRA Review
      • NYS Medicaid DSH Audit
      • Medicaid EHR for Hospitals & EPs
      • HERDS Statistical Reporting
      • Medicare Bad Debts
      • Medicare & Medicaid Cost Report Preparation
      • Medicare DSH
      • Medicare S-10 Preparation
      • Tricare GTMCPA
    • MEDITECH NPR & Other EHR System Report Writing
    • Modeling and Analysis of Proposed/Implemented regulatory changes
    • DSRIP Date Reporting
      • Quality measure extrapolation
      • Dashboard Configuration
      • Flow of Funds & Budget projections
      • Assist facilities with reporting on projects metrics
    • 835 Remit Processing & Denial Management
    • Monthly AR Reporting
    • Population Health Identification & Analysis


    Healthcare Reimbursement

    Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement issuesMedicare and Medicaid Cost report preparation and audit assistance

    • Medicare Reimbursable Bad Debt preparation and audit assistance
    • Medicare Disproportionate Share preparation (i.e. Medicaid Eligible & Paid Days)
    • Medicare worksheet S-10 preparation
    • Medicaid DSH Pools survey preparation and audit assistance
    • Medicare SSI percentage review
    • Wage Index preparation and analysis
    • NYS Public Goods Pools calculations and appeals
    • Critical Access Hospital analysis and interim rate reviews
    • Sole Community Hospital rate reviews and Hospital specific calculations
    • Sole Community Hospital Volume Adjustment
    • GME/IME IRIS submission, calculations and analysis
    • NYS capital budget submission

    Additional Reimbursement Services

    • NYS HCRA compliance reviews and assistance with HCRA audits
    • Third Party Compliance, Preparation and Review
    • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Cost reports
    • Medicare and Medicaid EHR Attestations
    • Nursing Homes:
      • Preparation and review of Third Party accounts
      • Free Standing Nursing Home and Hospital nursing home cost reports
      • Base year rate review and appeals
    • Assistance with:
      • Medicare and Medicaid audits, Reopenings and Appeals
      • CMS Form 855
      • CON Applications
      • 340B Pharmacy Program

    The above list is NOT an all-inclusive list. If there are other areas you in need of assistance, please contact us

    Project Management & Research

    Federal/State Healthcare Research

    • Regulatory filings
    • Medicare & Medicaid policy
    • Evolving healthcare trends
    • Reimbursement report updates/changes
    • MACRA
    • Value Based Payment (VBP)
    • Delivery System Methodologies research
    • Section 1115 Waivers – New York & Washington

    DSRIP Consulting

    • Governance creation
    • Flow of Funds & Budget assistance
    • Workforce engagement
    • Staffing examination
    • Quality Measurement
    • Project waiver writing
    • PPS Operations
    • Integrated Delivery System facilitation
    • VBP Contracting
    • Cultural Transformation
    • DSRIP Data Analysis