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Brenton Moore

Senior Analyst

Brenton Moore brings broad and extensive consulting expertise to the M.S. Hall + Associates team born of a committed career helping community providers with reporting, modeling, and analytical finance and data projects. Brenton has a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Cedarville University and, before joining the M.S. Hall team in December of 2020, worked in previous consulting engagements as well as staff for Local Government Units (LGUs). Brenton has overseen the financial responsibilities for several Behavioral Health Care Agencies. Brenton is well-versed in reporting deliverables for Behavioral Health; he helped develop an interactive training for the State-required Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR), and he has led several in-depth CFR trainings customized to client needs and the knowledge base of training recipients.

Brenton’s work also supports organizations’ understanding of NYS Medicaid Redesign, as he assists them in their move towards Value-Based Payment (VBP) methodologies. A key player in a 25+ member Behavioral Health Care Collaborative, Brenton collaborated with organizations across New York to support the move to VBP in a variety of contexts. He has played a direct role in helping organizations transition to a new Electronic Health Record system (EHR) as well as negotiated new contracts with better insurance rates and developed strategies for increased productivity and revenue collection, all of which are essential waypoints on the road to VBP.

Besides his work with LGUs, Brenton has worked in-depth with other agencies to develop data collection tools for tracking and reporting. He is constantly exploring new ways to maximize efficiencies across all levels of an organization’s operations.