Collin Nugent

Senior Analyst

Collin received a B.S. in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Clarkson University in Potsdam where Collin developed a high level of proficiency with MySQL, Python, Perl, HTML/CSS, and C++. During his time there, he leveraged these skills to co-create and operationalize a storage company that primarily served college students in the area.

Upon joining M.S. Hall + Associates, Collin immediately became an integral member of the data team, helping create efficiency improvement programs and bringing a fresh analytical perspective to the firm’s many ongoing client-facing projects. He has continued to support M.S. Hall’s work on cost reports, ICR audits, DSH audits, and bad debt analyses. Collin also plays a critical role in the firm’s internal development and onboarding processes, helping build essential onramps to get new talent at M.S. Hall up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible. Collin’s business acumen underwrites a practical, grounded approach to healthcare data and finance that represents a significant value add to your organization.