A hospital on a clear day

About M.S. Hall


Over fifteen years ago, M.S. Hall + Associates started with the idea that there must be a better way to do consultation in the healthcare finance world. From the beginning, Mark Hall, founding partner, knew that he wanted a company built on lasting partnerships that were grounded in a commitment to supporting healthier, more vibrant, and more stable communities across New York State. As M.S. Hall has developed its portfolio of services over the years, our singular focus on re-humanizing healthcare has remained the key touchstone for how we think about our work.

Mark Hall from M.S. Hall + Associates shaking hands with a client

Central New York Roots. Regional Reach.

Centrally located in Syracuse, NY, M.S. Hall has developed partnerships with hospitals, healthcare facilities, and other organizations across New York State, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Delaware.

Our Strategy

M.S. Hall combines deep, detailed knowledge of healthcare payment systems with flexible data solutions and efficient project management to give healthcare organizations back two things that they badly need: money and time. In our experience, communities are healthier when their healthcare organizations are able to devote as many resources as possible to directly caring for and investing in the people that use their services. M.S. Hall is here to free those resources up by solving problems that can derail healthcare organizations from their core mission.

But M.S. Hall provides more than just technical solutions to the challenges of running a healthcare facility. Working with M.S. Hall means working with a partner who understands that the right culture and the right processes are as important to an organization’s success as the right tools and the right information. At M.S. Hall, we don’t believe in one-and-done product delivery because we know that in the healthcare world trust and empathy are prerequisites for positive.