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Healthcare Reimbursement

Navigating Complex Challenges

The financial side of health is frequently complex, and requires organizations to balance multiple revenue streams with divergent policies for reimbursement, compliance, and reporting. No matter what kind of organization you represent – hospital, clinic, community-based organization, or multi-stakeholder collaborative – it’s critical that you have the tools you need to navigate these murky waters.

Let M.S. Hall be your navigator. We have direct experience with virtually every aspect of healthcare finance, from reimbursement to revenue cycle, and our specialization in data analytics means you can be confident that your organization’s financial outlook is secure.

  • Medicare + Medicaid Cost Report Preparation
  • Medicare Reimbursable Bad Debt prep and audit assistance
  • Medicare Disproportionate Share preparation
  • Medicare worksheet S-10 preparation
  • Medicaid DSH Pools survey prep and audit assistance
  • Medicare SSI percentage review
  • Wage Index preparation and analysis
  • Critical Access Hospital analysis and interim rate reviews
  • Rural Health Clinic review and prep
  • Sole Community Hospital rate reviews and Hospital specific calculations
  • Sole Community Hospital Volume Adjustment
  • NYS HCRA compliance reviews and assistance with HCRA audits
  • Third Party Compliance, Prep and Review
  • Medicare and Medicaid audits, reopenings, and appeals

“Since 2012, Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital (a Rural Referral Center Teaching Facility) has outsourced its entire Reimbursement function to the team of Westmoreland Consulting and M.S. Hall & Associates. We couldn’t be more pleased. This approach was enabled us to have direct access to a number of individuals with very different areas of expertise.

Their data analytics team was a critical and necessary part of our ability to address the many nuances associated with a 18-month HCRA Audit. Where this team’s expertise in HCRA regulations and their ability to mine our A/R system has saved us millions in potential paybacks. Their work with current and past years’ cost reports has also added millions to our bottom line. Identifying additional DSH days, correctly identifying and supporting Medicare bad debts, improving reporting to enhance NY Pool Receipts, and the list goes on and on. Our current contract has one more year to go and I certainly intend to renew it.”

John de Koff, CPA, FHFMA
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Inc. | Binghamton, New York

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