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Connecting Events to Priorities

The days of thinking about healthcare as a set of services provided within the four walls of a clinical setting are over. To be a world-class healthcare provider, healthcare facilities must balance clinical concerns with population health concerns as well as the social determinants of health. Balancing all of this information means that the business of healthcare is now the business of data – M.S. Hall can help with that.

The team at M.S. Hall can help you understand the rafts of data that your facility generates on a daily basis by connecting patient-level events up to population-level priorities and back to both financial and health outcomes. Partner with us to help your facility ground your vision for a healthier community in data-driven insights.

  • Experienced in many EHR systems, including:
    • EPIC
    • NextGen
    • MEDENT
    • And many others…
  • Data aggregation + synthesis for:
    • NYS HCRA Audits and Reviews
    • NYS Medicaid DSH Audits
    • HERDS Statistical Reporting
    • Medicare Bad Debts
    • Medicare + Medicaid Cost Report Preparation
  • Data-driven funds flow and budget productions
  • Dashboard creation and configuration
  • Quality Measurement assessment and analysis
  • 835 Remit Processing + Denial Management
  • AR Reporting
  • Population Health Analytics

“Adirondack Medical Center recently engaged M.S. Hall & Associates to submit prior years Medicare bad debts. We were pleasantly surprised when they informed us that they identified in excess of $2,000,000 of previously unclaimed Medicare bad debts.

M.S. Hall & Associates reimbursement and data analytics services have proven to be a great value to Adirondack Medical Center.

We have experienced a very beneficial relationship with M.S. Hall & Associates and highly recommend their services. Their knowledge and expertise is superb, and their integrity is second to none.”

Tristan Glanville, CHFP
Vice President of Finance / CFO
Adirondack Medical Center | Saranac Lake, New York

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