M.S. Hall Promotions: Amanda St. Onge, Adam Leonello, and Adam Pitzer

The M.S. Hall Leadership team is pleased to announce three promotions this week.

Amanda St. Onge has been promoted to Senior Analyst. Amanda joined the M.S. Hall Reimbursement Team as an Analyst in April 2018. Since then, she has cemented herself as a knowledgeable, dependable, and dedicated resource for M.S. Hall’s reimbursement clients. This promotion reflects the growing confidence everyone on M.S. Hall’s leadership team feels toward Amanda’s growing impact on the firm’s performance.

Adam Leonello has been promoted to Manager. In nearly four years with he company, Adam has guided numerous clients through the complexities of healthcare finance, developing strong expertise in NYS ICR audits, Wage Index and Occupation Mix Surveys, and Critical Access reimbursement. His expertise with clients is matched by a dedicated approach to innovative process improvement, boosting M.S. Hall’s efficiency and versatility across the firm’s project portfolio. M.S. Hall couldn’t be more pleased to add Adam’s perspective and commitment to the leadership team.

Adam Pitzer has also been promoted to Manager. Since February 2017, Adam’s extensive experience in software development and team leadership has been an indispensable resource for M.S. Hall’s work in the healthcare data space. Whether he is partnering to develop live performance improvement dashboards, creating new, powerful tools for quality and population health data, or helping bridge the data gaps between healthcare collaborators, Adam is an essential part of M.S. Hall’s service offerings. His insight, expertise, and vision will enrich and empower the M.S. Hall leadership team for years to come.

It has really been an exciting week for M.S. Hall + Associates. Stay tuned here for more news about how M.S. Hall continues to grow in the future.