New Hire Excitement!

M.S. Hall + Associates is kicking of the year with some exciting news: three new faces are joining the team!

Enya Tan has a strong passion for leveraging data to address real-world challenges and is eager to contribute the skill she developed at Beijing Normal University and Vanderbilt University studying statistics and data science on behalf of M.S. Hall’s clients. Enya’s enthusiasm for collaboration around the problems healthcare organizations face, along with her expertise in analytics will help elevate our team’s work with clients across the board.

Vicky Nguyen brings a fresh, well-rounded perspective to the work we do in healthcare data thanks to her wide-ranging interest in patient and financial data analytics. Vicky has a strong portfolio of academic attention to health informatics, having achieved an M.S. in Biomedical and Health Informatics from SUNY Oswego and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Health Informatics from Rutgers.

Yessi Ruiz joins M.S. Hall with more than five years of health information technology experience. She has been building an exciting career around collecting and analyzing complex datasets in both research and clinical settings that our team is excited to put to work for healthcare organizations across M.S. Hall’s portfolio. Yessi’s background providing actionable recommendations as a Clinical Quality Data Analyst brings a uniquely valuable angle to our team’s perspective on the data team’s work.

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year of growth for all of us here at M.S. Hall – we look forward to seeing how all this new talent will supercharge the work we do for all of you.