Jordan Wood


Jordan brings deep experience with research, writing, and professional development to M.S. Hall & Associates where he works with the Research & Project Management team to identify emerging streams of value for healthcare providers in a tumultuous policy landscape. His focus is on cutting through the noise of healthcare regulation to deliver M.S. Hall’s clients with quick, informed solutions for the increasingly complex fiscal and political problems today’s healthcare providers face. He works with the rest of the Research & Project Management Team to ensure that the work M.S. Hall does for its clients is evidence-based, effective, and ultimately, patient-centered.

Jordan has direct experience with leading writing- and research-intensive projects for DSRIP and value-based payment initiatives. In particular, Jordan has worked on strategies for the delivery of primary care to a diverse range of demographics in a cost-effective, high quality capacity. He has also worked to track the effects that changes to MACRA, QPP, and Medicaid 340B will have on clients. Internally, Jordan has been responsible for process improvements centering around workflow optimization, project management, and onboarding.

He received his Bachelor’s in Psychology from Cedarville University in 2010, his Master’s in English from University of Rochester in 2011, and is a doctoral candidate at Syracuse University.