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Siming Huang


Siming is a passionate data professional whose expertise in data visualization and statistics has made her an invaluable asset to M.S. Hall + Associates. With an M.A. in Statistics from SUNY Binghamton, Siming’s experience in performing both quantitative and qualitative analyses, in conjunction with her skills as a certified Tableau Desktop Specialist, allows her to deliver actionable, data-driven insights for healthcare organizations across the spectrum.

In addition to driving M.S. Hall towards new horizons in our data capacities, Siming supports a variety of reimbursement projects, including Bad Debt Analyses, Medicare DSH Audits, and Cost Reports.

Siming is also key part of M.S. Hall’s vision forward as she collaborates across the firm on various product and process development objectives. In her off time, Siming enjoys painting, especially in watercolor.